“Shame on all of you:” More States Could Land on New York Quarantine List as Cuomo Blasts Feds – NBC New York


What there is to know

  • The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut implemented a joint quarantine restriction last month for travelers from viral hotspot states; travelers from certain states must self-isolate for 14 days
  • 34 states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico are on the shortlist; national death toll topped 156,000 this week, NBC News estimates
  • Home compliance slippage exacerbates the national threat; New Jersey is seeing a slight increase in new cases of COVID-19. State transimission rate fell from 0.87 a month ago to 1.48 on Monday

Some states on the tri-state quarantine list have plateaued in coronavirus infections, and few have seen a decrease in new cases – but they will find out on Tuesday whether they just need to be removed from the travel quarantine list.

Others may find themselves meeting the criteria to be added.

California, Florida and Texas have all overtaken New York in most confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States and are among 34 states (plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico) currently on the travel restrictions list. . Governor Andrew Cuomo says Empire State is experiencing some of its lowest numbers of infections and hospitalizations to date, but “it’s only a matter of time” before the virus reappears in the region .

“The national situation is getting worse, it is not improving. It is an indisputable fact ”, declared the governor.

Cuomo continued to stress that a national strategy is needed to deal with the pandemic, adding that Washington must pass a fair bill that includes funding for states and local governments, or there will be a full-blown economic recession. Some of the country’s top experts have suggested a national reset – a need to shut down a number of states experiencing spiraling COVID spikes. Nearly two dozen states, including New York and New Jersey, have slowed or canceled reopening.

“The national response to COVID has been a historic and colossal mistake by the federal government. Six months and this virus is still out of control across the country. Six months lost, ”Cuomo said Monday. “Shame on you all. “

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

While the whole of New York State is in a phase of reopening, Governor Andrew Cuomo is focusing on daily monitoring test results in each region to identify potential hot spots before they emerge. Here is the latest tracking data by region. For the latest county-wide statewide results, click here

Out-of-state travel from viral hotspots has already helped spawn new clusters in New York and New Jersey. This threat compounds the threat of compliance slippage at the local level. New York City’s infection rate has yet to rise because of it – and Cuomo is rampant in the bar and restaurant scene.

However, it has certainly had an impact in New Jersey, which has its highest transmission rates in six weeks, as people continue to attend crowded house parties and flaunt the COVID precautions that have led to the spread.

Gov. Phil Murphy had warned New Jersey late last week and took action Monday, lowering the capacity of indoor gatherings from 100 to 25 people. The restrictions remain in effect “until further notice”. Murphy wants to see the transmission rate cut to a lower level on a seven-day moving average.

A month ago, New Jersey’s transmission rate was 0.87. On Monday, it was 1.48, which means that an infected person infects nearly another and a half people. Cuomo would call it an epidemic. As he says, an epidemic anywhere is an epidemic everywhere. The New York governor was asked last week about his intention to put New Jersey on the quarantine list, given its recent hike.

Cuomo said he doesn’t see how it could work and is committed to helping New Jersey overcome this bump on the road to recovery.

New York and New Jersey have lost more people to the virus than any other state in the country, but the nationwide death toll is rising rapidly amid the deepening crisis. Florida continues to break its single-day death records. California has also reported new daily highs in mortality in recent weeks.

Nationally, the death toll in the United States topped 156,000 this week, according to NBC News estimates. The number of hotspots on the shortlist has grown every week since Cuomo, Murphy and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont jointly announced the travel restriction in late June in a bid to protect the progress of the tri-states.


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