SEX WITH PRINCE ANDREW: “The longest 10 minutes of my life”


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Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace have both denied any wrongdoing.

Jeffrey Epstein, left, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew are pictured in file photos. photo file/Getty Images

British socialite Maxwell is a different pot of fish.

The 58-year-old woman cools her stilettos in a Brooklyn jail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

Roberts, now 36, was for years a de facto sex slave of Epstein – a close friend of Prince Andrew. She claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew for the first time in Maxwell’s London townhouse when she was 17.

But when the publishing heiress accused Roberts of lying, the young woman filed a lawsuit that laid bare the alleged sexual peccadillos of Epstein, Maxwell and Andrew. It became a legal time bomb for Maxwell who desperately tried to seal its contents.

One of the exhibits is Roberts’ 139-page memoir titled The Billionaire Playboy’s Club.

She wrote about the prince: “[He] graced my young body, especially my feet, stroking my toes and licking my arches.

« [On the flight back to the U.S.] Jeffrey didn’t want to know the dark details of how it all happened on my intimate night with the prince, he just asked me if I thought I had done any good in keeping his friend happy.

“Knowing already that the evaluation of my performance had already been discussed between them, I just responded with a nod of approval.

“Although I laughed with Jeffrey about the prince’s weird fixation on my feet and let’s just say he was quite tickled by Andrew’s quirky obsession, having a good old laugh at my eccentric encounter.”


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