Seth Meyers bluntly mocks Trump’s kindergarten coronavirus death chart in Axios interview


There have been a lot of hilarious reactions to Donald Trump’s ridiculous interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan in the 48 hours since it first aired on HBO. But Seth Meyers perhaps had the funniest riff yet on Wednesday night in response to the colorful board the president waved to argue that he was doing a good job on the coronavirus.”You just knew this interview was going to be insane from the start, even before Trump sat down when he walked into the room with a stack of papers,” Late at night the host said. “You knew it was going to be crazy batshit,” he added, joking that “loose paper projects strength”.

“These impressions were like Chekhov’s pistol from the interview,” Meyers said. “You were just waiting for them to make an appearance, and when they did, it was sort of worse than you expected.

After Swan referred to the increase in COVID-19 deaths across the United States, Trump said, “If you look at death …” and pulled out a graphic that he said showed America was “Inferior to the world” in “many categories. An exasperated swan replied, “Lower than the world?” What does it mean? In that? “


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