Sergio Romero reveals Manchester United’s secret Europa League weapon


Sergio Romero believes Manchester United’s teamwork and camaraderie will be the key to success in the Europa League this season.United flew to Germany on Sunday morning ahead of the Europa League finals, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side face FC Copenhagen in the quarter-finals on Monday evening.

In the new final tournament in Cologne, the matches will be decided on a single match, with United well aware that any mistakes could cost them dearly at this stage of the competition.

Romero made the final when United last won the Europa League three years ago and he believes the club’s team spirit will be crucial in moving forward this time around.

“In Argentina, we say that they are ‘life or death‘, life and death games because if you win you progress, ”he told “But if you lose, you go home.

“The point is, it will be decided by unique matches that you have to win. Anything can always happen in a game, your focus and state of mind should always be perfect, and your legs should always react.

“As a group of players, if we have a teammate who is struggling a little bit that day, all the guys have to give him a helping hand so that he can participate in the game in the best possible way. Of course, every daily work and effort in training, as well as all of our dreams, is focused on getting United back to another Europa League final. So we’re going to work hard to make that happen.


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