Senator Kelly Loeffler blows up players on her own WNBA team


WNBA players from Team Atlanta Dream, which is jointly owned by Sen. Kelly Loeffler, showed up to their game on Tuesday wearing t-shirts promoting Georgia’s lawmaker’s Democratic challenger.The statement against Loeffler, who is unpopular among many WNBA players for his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement and the league’s affiliation with it, was filmed and posted on social media.

Members of Dream’s Tuesday opponent, the Phoenix Mercury, even joined in – with players from both sides entering the arena wearing shirts bearing the “Vote Warnock” and “Black Lives Matter” inscriptions.

Elizabeth Williams, a center for the dream, posted a photo of herself on Twitter earlier Tuesday wearing the ‘Vote Warnock’ jersey, a nod to Loeffler’s opponent Raphael Warnock.

Loeffler, who has been in Dream ownership since 2011, criticized the move and said it was the target of cancellation culture.

“This is just further proof that the culture of out of control cancellation wants to exclude anyone who disagrees with it,” the lawmaker wrote. “Clearly the league is more concerned with politics than basketball.”

Last month, the WNBA Players Association union called on League Commissioner Cathy Engelbert to remove Loeffler as co-owner of Atlanta Dream over the lawmaker’s stance on Black Lives Matter.

The association cited its opposition to Loeffler’s request to use US flags on the warm-up jerseys instead of the league’s plan to have “Black Lives Matter” on them.

In Tuesday’s statement, Loeffler said she maintained her point of view.

The lawmaker said she disagreed with the cause over what she called “its radical ideas and Marxist foundations, which include the collapse of the police and the erosion of the nuclear family.”


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