Sean Connery at 90: a dangerously alluring icon of masculinity | Movie


isIt is the most famous self-introduction of any character in the history of cinema. Three cool monosyllables, last name first, a bit abruptly, as befits a former naval commander. And then, as an afterthought, the first name, followed again by the last name – for everyone, as if we needed it, reduced and wouldn’t recognize one of the most famous fictitious brands in the world. Sean Connery took it away with icy, dismissive style, perhaps to the baccarat table, in full party dress with a cigarette hanging from his lips.The introduction was a sort of challenge, or seduction, invariably directed at an enemy. And the subtly anglicized Edinburgh accent, which seemed to soften or blur those monosyllables, encouraged legions of comics and pubs to think they too could do the vocals. In the early ’60s, Connery’s James Bond was about as dangerous and sexy as he was on screen – until directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Lumet came along and saw how Connery’s onscreen threat was. could take it to the next level.


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