Scream fans are excited about Courteney Cox (and her hair) coming back


This week has seen great news for Yell Fans! Courteney Cox announced on Instagram that she will be returning to the franchise in Scream 5 like the iconic Gale Weathers. Cox appeared in each Yell film starring Neve Campbell and David Arquette, so fans are extremely excited by the announcement. Arquette is also expected to return as Dewey Riley, but there has been no official word on Campbell reprising his role as Sidney Prescott. Many fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the return of Cox and his infamous hair.You can check out Cox’s announcement in the Instagram post below:

Here are some of the best reactions to Cox’s post, many of which focus on Gale’s hair. In case you forgot, Gale took a hair trip throughout the four Yell films, with his gaze in Scream 3 being particularly infamous.


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