Scott Moe fears US will also put tariffs on steel


The premier of Saskatchewan says he fears the United States could impose a tariff on Canadian steel after the country imposed a 10 percent import tax on aluminum.

Scott Moe says the issue of tariffs has been raised during regular calls with other prime ministers.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday announced that a 10% tariff was reimposed on raw aluminum from Canada.

In response, Ottawa announced that it would retaliate by imposing import tariffs of $ 3.6 billion on U.S. products made with aluminum.

In 2018, the United States imposed a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum and a 25% tariff on steel, which were not lifted until 2019.

Regina is home to the Evraz steelworks where hundreds of people work.

“From a Saskatchewan perspective, very concerned that this could spread to steel,” Moe told The Canadian Press on Friday.

Moe’s concern was echoed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who criticized Trump for going after Canada, a close trade ally of the United States.


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