Scorpio Sky on frustration with not being on Dynamite every week, switching to singles wrestling


Scorpio Sky discussed his return to singles wrestling and the frustration of not being on AEW Dynamite every week in a new interview with B / R Live. Sky was asked about a tweet he made that said he would “eventually” be back on Dynamite and explained how frustrating it can be not to be on the show, although he understands why. The highlights and the full video are below:On her transition to singles work: “I think it’s been great. I love wrestling in singles, it’s kind of the original formula that SCU was doing where Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian were the team, they were known as The Addiction, they were tag team champions in several companies. And I was the singles wrestler. We got away from that a little bit with the injury of Christopher Daniels and the tag team tournament last year where I had to step in and luckily we were able to become the world tag team champions, the first in the AEW. And so, once we lost the championships and lost the rematch, we kind of had to go back to the drawing board and see what happens next. And what we found was to go back to the original formula that I was the singles wrestler, them being the tag team, and we’ll see how that goes.

On his tweet referring to not being on Dynamite regularly: “Well yeah, it’s obviously a little frustrating. And I think that sort of thing came out in my interview on AEW Dark a few weeks ago. I understand that we only have two hours of TV time per week and that we have a lot of talent to showcase. And so, you are not going to be as much as you would like. But I’m a competitor, man, and I want to get involved.

“And I think of it a lot like the sport in the sense that I feel like I should be a starter. And you’re kind of like, ‘Why am I getting off the bench? Why does this guy have 30 minutes a night and I have 12? “You know? So like I said a moment ago, I’m a contender and I’m always going to want more. And it’s that Mamba mentality of always hitting the next goal, the next goal, and the next goal. And that’s kind of what it was, it was a little ironic, but there was a seriousness in every joke, as they say.

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