Satellite images appear to catch Chinese submarine entering underground base


A commercial satellite image shared on social media appears to show a Chinese submarine entering an underground base off the island of Hainan in the South China Sea.The picture, posted for the first time by Radio Free Asia, shows a Chinese Type 093 Shang class rapid attack nuclear submarine at Yulin Naval Base, the war zone reported this week.

The base is one of China’s main facilities for protecting its naval resources.

Carl Schuster, former director of operations at the Joint Intelligence Center, US Pacific Command, told CNN the Yulin tunnels also prevent an adversary from observing Chinese military operations and intentions.

“You have no proof of [the submarine’s] combat readiness, operational response time and readiness, ”he said. ”

Other experts told CNN that it’s rare for a satellite to pick up such a moment, but it’s not uncommon for China to use underground military bases.

“The Chinese have enormous experience in building underground facilities,” Drew Thompson, a former Pentagon official, told CNN. “It’s in line with their strategic culture. “


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