Sadiq Khan squirms as enraged Londoner erupts at mayor over ‘unbelievable’ face mask chaos | UK | News


London Mayor Sadiq Khan was forced to defend his claims that there was 90% compliance with face mask use on public transport during the coronavirus crisis while on LBC. A frustrated caller, Sheridan of Dagenham, argued that he regularly sees commuters without a mask and cannot believe in breaking the rules. He added that he was concerned that the Mayor of London might tie the amount of compliance to the number of fines imposed.

LBC host James O’Brien asked the caller what he was pissed off about before the Londoner went after the mayor.He said: “If Sadiq Khan truly believes that only 300 people who have been fined are the ones who broke the rules, he should take a night bus.

“I would say 15 out of 30 people on my bus ride last night didn’t have a face mask.

“I have videos of them and I have an Instagram dedicated to people who don’t wear masks.

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“I really can’t believe how broken the rules are. ”

Mayor Khan insisted that the caller tweet his videos to him so that he can forward them to TfL so they can chase those without masks.

He added: “The numbers we have are exact numbers taken from our weekly tally.

“So when I talk about the 60,000+ conversations, not all conversations lead to a fixed penalty notice.

“I actually wanted to tip a bus driver who stopped the bus and personally told someone if you weren’t wearing a mask go upstairs.

“I don’t want bus drivers to do more, I don’t think they should be doing it.

“What I’m saying is I really liked that this bus driver cared enough about us for those of us who don’t want to die, including himself. “


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