Ruth Langsford criticizes Eamonn Holmes for ‘getting it’ this morning


Ruth Langsford remained furious after her husband and co-host Eamonn Holmes cut her off on that Monday morning.The couple in attendance, who have been married for a decade, were talking to psychologist Emma Kenny about the anxiety when the awkward encounter took place.

Ruth, 60, who had a vision in a bright red dress, had just started reading the autocue when she was brutally interrupted by Eamonn, also 60.

The Irish native interrupted his wife, who was calling a number on a help line for people with anxiety.

Ruth Langsford remained furious after her husband and co-host Eamonn Holmes cut her off on that Monday morning.

Bold Eamonn then said, “Monday morning blues, okay? This is exactly what we are talking about. If it’s there and in the pit of your stomach and you want to share, then do it. ”

Realizing what her husband had just done, Ruth blinked in disbelief before turning to Eamonn who continued to read his self-ceded piece.

As her eyes burned on her face, Eamonn quickly became aware of Ruth’s mood as her face was live red.

Eamonn’s wife accuses him of “mansplaining”

The cheeky star joked, “Oh no! I get this look from my wife who says… ”.

Giving her a taste of her own medicine, Ruth cut Eamonn angrily in mid-sentence as she barked, “I was reading the number.

Apologizing under pressure, cheeky Eamonn replied, “Honey, I didn’t feel you were explaining correctly what we …”.

After hearing her explanations, Ruth defiantly rebuked her husband when she accused him of explaining live on air.

Ruth’s face fell as Eamonn interrupted her

The bold presenter growled, “Well now that you’ve explained it to all of us, let’s move on. ”

Unable to contain their laughter, the This Morning crew erupted into uncontrollable laughter in the studio after Ruth’s savage remark.

However, the same cannot be said of the many viewers watching at home who called Eamonn “rude” and “attention seeking” after stealing the show from his wife.

“Eamonn Holmes can be so rude at times. Typical behavior of men! Raged an unimpressed spectator.

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