Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Russian rapper cut to pieces by wife in front of 2-year-old son


What’s going on in Russia?

This is one of the most gruesome stories we have come across recently. As reported by Mirror, Russian rapper Andy Cartwright was dismembered by his wife in front of their toddler. Then his wife allegedly kept her organs in the washing machine while keeping her body in a refrigerator. Andy Cartwright, whose real name is Alexander Yushko, and his wife, Marina Kukha, lived in St. Petersburg.

Kukha admitted to investigators that she dismembered her husband, although she claims not to have killed him. Her story is that the rapper died of a drug overdose, which she described as a “death without glory”. To hide the death, she used a hacksaw, knife, hammer, plastic bowl, and cutting board to dismember Cartwright’s body over a four-day period. Their 2 year old son would have stayed at home for the duration of the ordeal. Although the rapper’s friends said he sometimes had problems with alcohol, they did not corroborate Kukha’s drug use claims. Authorities believe her mother was also involved and ordered her to stay in the city during the investigation. Kukha is expected to undergo a polygraph test as part of the investigation. She claimed to have found a syringe next to Cartwright’s body.


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