Russell Howard exits comedy gig after five minutes because of woman filming him


Russell Howard had an argument onstage with a woman filming him on her phone at a comedy concert in Bristol.

According to BristolLive, the actor was about five minutes away from his shoot last night (August 12) on the outdoor terrace of the Bambalan room when he noticed a member of the audience in the front row pointing his phone at him.

Howard told the woman that filming it was “literally the worst thing you can do” and suggested that she try “living in the moment.”

He then asked how she would like someone to film her at work, before imitating her by pointing her phone’s camera at her.

The stand-up reportedly said comedians are a “dying breed” because they worry about people filming sets where they test new material and uploading them to YouTube for all to see.

Russell Howard sur ‘Sunday Brunch’ (Rex Features)

He left the stage telling the woman she had “ruined” the evening and apologizing to the crowd.

A spokesperson for said BristolLive: “Any actor whose set is recorded during a new material evening would find that disturbing.

“The beauty of performing arts, especially at this odd hour, is that it is meant only for the venue.”

There was a mixed response on Twitter, with one user writing, “While I agree, I also think as a seasoned pro he could have handled this better. No one had been told not to take pictures and videos, so of course one or two people would be eager to take a picture of him. ”

Another said: “Yes, communication could have been better on phones / videos, but it’s not really the interpreter’s responsibility. It’s more the logic of going to an event and then filming it that confuses me. Very different from taking a quick photo. “


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