Russell Crowe’s Unhinged Plea: Only He Can Convince Us to Return to Theaters | Movie


As if you didn’t already know, now is not a good time to make movies. They may have reopened, but after the lockdown they are uncrowded. If bettors aren’t put off by the idea of ​​wearing a mask during a movie, then they’re put off by the meager amount of independent arthouse prizes and decades-old ITV2-style blockbusters that count as new versions nowadays. There is a chance, however small, that some people just never come back to the movies again.

Russell Crowe
(@Russel Crowe)

You know those days when you’ve been doing a bunch of promo, station IDs, yelling and answering the same questions over and over again and you’re thinking to yourself… let’s have some fun now #Unhinged pic.twitter. com / s3WfPK6Gv8

Aug 17, 2020

Unless. What if someone – an undeniable hero – came to the fore and stuck a nitro boost in the butt of the cinema? What if this majestic character could achieve the impossible and make cinema fun again? More importantly, what if that mighty one-person oak tree was Russell Crowe who would often say “fuck” on camera?


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