Ron Howard revealed how a family member is linked to his latest film, “Rebuilding Paradise”


Of Splash at Cinderella man, Legendary director Ron Howard has a knack for bringing great stories to life on screen. And moviegoers will note that in addition to his knack for inspiring believable acting performances, Howard is also a skilled documentary filmmaker.

His latest documentary, Rebuild paradise, is surrounded by a lot of positive buzz. Howard stopped Living with Kelly and Ryan to give details on the project, and he shared how the subject relates closely to his immediate family.

Ron Howard | Natalie Behring / Getty Images pour National Geographic

Ron Howard explained what “Rebuilding Paradise” is

Inspirational, dramatic and emotional are all words Howard used to describe Rebuild paradise in his interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest of Live with Kelly and Ryan. The official synopsis reads as follows:

On the morning of November 8, 2018, a devastating firestorm engulfed the scenic town of Paradise, California. By the time the campfire was extinguished it had killed 85 people, displaced 50,000 residents and destroyed 95% of local structures. It was the deadliest American fire in 100 years – and the worst in California history. Rebuild paradise, from Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, is a moving story of resilience in the face of tragedy, as a disaster-ravaged community comes together to reclaim what has been lost and begin the important task of rebuilding.

Rebuild paradise,

Imagine Documentaries in partnership with National Geographic is at the origin of the project. In the film, Howard highlights how the city solved problems, met water needs, and started rebuilding schools to attract residents and restore community.

Howard is used to creating compelling documentaries, but says this one is different

Ron Howard
Ron Howard | Natalie Behring / Getty Images pour National Geographic

Documentary enthusiasts may recall Howard’s previous successes in the genre. He led Made in America, starring entertainment mogul Jay-Z. Howard also did The Beatles: eight days a week and Pavarotti, which were also music-focused films surrounding well-known personalities. Although Howard is a pro at documentary making, he admitted that Rebuild paradise was a different animal than he had encountered before.

“I’ve enjoyed making documentaries, but I’ve never made one like this serious cinema-truth documentary where you just explore a question,” Howard explained on Living with Kelly and Ryan. “And the question was, ‘Can they even rebuild? What will it look like? “

Howard revealed how a close family bond is instrumental in “Rebuilding Paradise

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For Rebuild paradise, Howard explored a different approach to filmmaking. He also revealed how his family relates to the main theme, giving him a personal connection to the project.

“My mother-in-law lived the last five years of her life in Paradise, Calif.,” Howard said during the talk show interview. was personal. I understood the tragedy of this loss of this community.

Howard and his crew witnessed what he calls the “tenacity” present in Paradise, California. Speaking of the townspeople, Howard said, “They give us a lot of lessons on how to navigate the world when the carpet is pulled out from under you.

Viewers can attend virtual screenings of Rebuild paradise or broadcast on digital platforms from July 31.


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