Roman Reigns wins WWE Universal Championship at WWE Payback


At WWE Payback, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt was to defend the WWE Universal Championship. Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman in WWE SummerSlam, and Roman Reigns attacked both men after the match. A triple threat match between the three was announced but Reigns did not sign the contract until the start of the show. Throughout the night, Paul Heyman remained vague as to whether Reigns signed him during the show.

Strowman attacked The Fiend upon entering and took control of the match. Wyatt arrived at Strowman with a sling. The champion slammed Strowman across the broadcast table. The camera turned to Alexa Bliss as she watched the game backstage. Wyatt got a giant mallet, but Strowman threw a broadcast chair at him. With a second attempt, Wyatt hit Strowman with the mallet. The Fiend hit Strowman in the neck. Wyatt broke Strowman’s neck again. The fight spilled over onto the ramp to the entry stage. Strowman carried The Fiend off the stage and the two men crashed across a table.

Strowman climbed the top rope, but Wyatt surprised him and the ring imploded. Reigns immediately entered the ring with Heyman by his side. Reigns signed the contract on his way to the ring. Reigns tried to pin Wyatt and Strowman down, but they kicked out. Reigns brutally hit Strowman with a steel chair on several occasions, but Strowman sent off anyway. Wyatt locked Reigns in the mandibular claw, but Reigns kicked him under the belt.

Reigns Speared Strowman to win the WWE Universal Championship. The Big Dog reclaimed the title he never lost; he had to give it up when he took time off due to his cancer battle.

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