Roman Kemp takes temporary hiatus from Capital FM after close friend dies


Roman Kemp has reportedly taken a hiatus from his Capital FM breakfast show after the death of a close friend.Earlier today, listeners were left stumped when Roman and his colleagues Sian Welby and Sonny Jay mysteriously left the air during their live broadcast.

It has now been explained that the trio were aware of the tragic news regarding someone they were working with.

An industry source revealed to The Sun, “Roman and his colleagues are in total shock, they can’t believe someone they were all close to is gone.

Roman Kemp and colleagues received the sad news on their breakfast show

“They were all completely upset by the upsetting news and take time to mourn and digest the tragedy.

“It’s a tough time for all of them right now. ”

Listeners had taken to social media to ask what happened to Roman after appearing to disappear this morning following an interview with Little Mix.

Roman, 27, has now been granted leave from the studio managers with alternate hosts Rob Howard and Lauren Layfield for the remainder of the week.

Roman and colleagues Sonny Jay and Sian Welby received the news halfway through their breakfast show

The son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp made Breakfast a huge hit for the station and regularly draws four million listeners to his weekly shows.

Roman was given the reins of the National Breakfast Show last year, with co-host Sonny Jay – who still presents – and Vick Hope, who left in February of this year to be replaced by Sian Welby.

Vick’s shock departure was announced by Roman live as he told listeners, “You may have noticed that Vick Hope is not here today. It may surprise you, but Vick left Capital Breakfast. “

Roman with his father Martin Kemp at the BRIT Awards this year

He went on to explain that his co-star decided to leave the station because she had had exciting television opportunities.

In June, Roman and his father Martin launched their own show Martin and Roman’s Sunday Best! on ITV in June.

The Sunday morning show sees father and son come together to interview famous guests and take part in light challenges.


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