RNC tries to argue that Trump has aggressively handled coronavirus


Although the United States is the first in the world in COVID-19 deaths and the nation is still struggling to contain the spread of the virus, the Republican National Committee has tried to argue the case in the first night of his convention that President Trump has acted aggressively to combat the coronavirus.Mr Trump appeared in a video with healthcare workers and first responders, and an RNC video argued that the media, the World Health Organization and Democrats had played down the virus. The video did not mention that the president, too, had played down the virus, insisting at times that it would simply “disappear” and go from 15 cases to “zero”. The president still says the virus will go away.

“We don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it is in other countries,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s video showed in the early days of the virus.


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