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Rick Ross meets Kanye West after warning him


Kanye West and Rick Ross met at one of Yeezy’s warehouses following Ross’s comments about his collaborator “Monster”.

It took a couple of weeks but eventually Rick Ross and Kanye West got to get together and have a chat about everything that was going on with Ye.

Lately, Kanye has been much more reserved than just a few weeks ago, when he organized savage campaign rallies, made controversial abortion comments and tweeted rude messages about his wife and family. At one point he even said that Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free the slaves, she just made them work for “other white people.” Because of everything that came out of his mouth, it was reported that the rapper was suffering from a severe bipolar episode. Rick Ross made a few remarks about his collaborator, saying they need to have a sit-down conversation to make sure they’re still cool.

“He asked someone to contact me last week. I slept during the phone call, ”Ross said in an interview. “I don’t want to drop it on my head yet because I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t really done any due diligence, I’m just seeing the headlines, and we know a lot about it This shit is inaccurate. So I’m still going to wait for his phone call and hope I’m ready to grab that bastard and ask him some questions. There are a few things he needs to clarify, however. It doesn’t look good. ”

After a while, the two finally reunited in one of Yeezy’s warehouses, where samples are seen all over the floor as Ye prepares for his latest job with GAP. They posed for a photo to tell the world that they were still on good terms regardless. Ross wore a Balenciaga sweater with shorts and Kanye wore a custom airbrushed t-shirt with his daughter North on the front.

Do you think Ross could position himself for an article on Donda: with child?


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