Richest man in the world, who previously worked with CIA, gets official approval to release Amazon drones in US – RT USA News



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    La Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a autorisé Amazon à exploiter ses drones de livraison Prime Air, une idée que le propriétaire milliardaire Jeff Bezos a introduite pour la première fois en 2013.

L'homologation signifie que les drones peuvent être utilisés "Au-delà de la ligne de mire visuelle" par les opérateurs. Amazon dit qu'il va bientôt commencer à tester la technologie de livraison, qui est censée réduire les temps d'attente pour les commandes de quelques jours à quelques heures et éventuellement à quelques minutes. La société prévoit également d'introduire à terme la pratique de livraison à travers le monde.

“This certification is a significant milestone for Prime Air and indicates the FAA’s confidence in Amazon’s operating and safety procedures for an autonomous drone delivery service that will someday deliver packages to our customers around the world.” , Prime Air vice chairman David Carbon said in a public statement.

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Carbon added that the goal was to implement a system that would allow customers to receive an order 30 minutes after it had passed through the company. The company sought FAA approval in August. last year and said initial deliveries would be for packages of five pounds or less. and they will occur in areas of low population density.

Bezos, who is worth around $ 200 billion, has been a controversial figure as his fortune grows even further during the current Covid-19 pandemic, and he has been a frequent target of President Donald Trump due to his Washington Post ownership . The founder of Amazon has also worked with the CIA with contracts for cloud computing. The combination of his billionaire status, Amazon’s growth, and his involvement in media and government has earned Bezos much criticism beyond the president.

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However, Amazon won’t be the only company buzzing around delivery drones in the air in the near future. Wing and UPS have already obtained FAA approval for their own drones.


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