Rhea Chakraborty shares WhatsApp messages with Sushant Singh Rajput, in which he called her sister “manipulative, pure evil”: The Tribune India


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Chandigarh, August 9

Rhea Chakraborty shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation she had with boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput.

The two discussed Sushant’s sister’s behavior towards Rhea.

Sushant was found hanged on June 14 at his home in Bandra. The family of the late actor accused Rhea of ​​encouraging her.

Rhea shared the conversation with India Today. The actor said Sushant “believed his sister was manipulating his friend and roommate Siddharth Pithani.”

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Conversations begin with Sushant praising Rhea and her brother Showik.

“Your family is very epic. Showik is compassionate and you too who are mine are cause enough for the inevitable change and respite on a global scale. behind these significant changes. It will be a pleasure for me to be around you. Well done my friend for being a rockstar, ”he wrote.

In the next message, Sushant continues, “Please smile, you look good like this. I would try to sleep now. I would like to have a dream like Jamila. Would that be incredible? Goodbye. ”

He continues to worry about his sister and calls her “Pure Evil”. He adds that she is “manipulating Sid Bhai”.

He writes: (“To Priyanka”), “You do this, after the shameful act, by doing a cover-up to distract attention by playing the victim’s card to the most non-negotiable act of sexual assault under the influence of alcohol … ”

Earlier, Sushant’s attorney in an interview with Pinkvilla said Rhea accused Priyanka of assaulting her, which created a barrier between the siblings.

He revealed that Sushant and Priyanka patched things up a few days later, and it was all just a “mind game” played by Rhea.

“He realized his mistake in no time. Rhea had played a mind game to separate two siblings who were inseparable and happened to be each other’s strongest emotional support, ”he said.

Sushant in her post continued that her sister had gone against their mother’s teachings.

He wrote: “If you are blinded by your ego, God bless you because I am not afraid and I will continue to do what I have done thus far by making the necessary changes in the world. Let God and nature decide what “the deed” is now. ”

The suspect addressed his next message to “Sid bhai” – possibly Sidharth Pithani – and wrote: “She hit you in front of my eyes…”

Rhea had previously shared a page from Sushant’s diary, in which he expressed gratitude for having her and her family in his life.


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