Report: Wade Barrett negotiates for full-time WWE return


Photo credit: NWA

After returning to WWE’s fold on NXT last week, former The Nexus (and The Corre) boss Wade Barrett is looking to find a long-term home behind the announcements desk. According to sources speaking with PWInsider, Wade Barrett and WWE are currently negotiating his full-time return as an announcer, likely on NXT. He has gained experience in the role since leaving WWE in 2016, providing commentary to WCPW and the revived NWA.

WWE had an interest in bringing Barrett back as a announcer throughout 2020, much to confirmed plans for a Nexus reunion around WrestleMania this year. Likewise, plans for his return have likely been stalled due to the global pandemic. It is also unclear whether Barrett will play other roles in this capacity or stay behind the desk. We saw another WWE 2010 star MVP come in for a once-in-a-lifetime appearance who morphed into leading his own faction. With someone as talented as Barrett who arguably has never been able to show his full potential, anything is possible.

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