Report: MLB commissioner warns of shutdown if COVID-19 not better handled


Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told MLBPA executive director Tony Clark on Friday that if the sport doesn’t handle COVID-19 better, the league could be forced to shut down, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

The conversation between Manfred and Clark was a “reality check that was relayed to the players” rather than a “threat,” according to Passan, and this weekend is seen as a critical time in determining what to do next. season.

According to Passan, state and local governments have expressed concerns about the league as broadcasts showed players were not wearing masks, spitting up and spitting up, which “left government officials wonder how seriously players take protocols.

The report of the conversation between Manfred and Clark comes after MLB was forced to postpone another game on Friday, this time between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals, after two Cardinals players tested positive for the coronavirus.

Friday’s postponement of Brewers vs Cardinals means those two teams as well as the Washington Nationals, Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies will miss all games this coming weekend due to the spread of the virus.


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