Report: Marlins Didn’t Follow Atlanta Safety Protocols


Major League Baseball’s investigation into the Miami Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak found the team failed to follow health and safety protocols during a pre-season road trip to Atlanta, according to Scott Miller of Bleacher Report.The Marlins players left their hotel for a night out in Atlanta on July 21 and 22, Miller reports. They also spent time in the hotel bar. It is not known where the players went outside of the hotel.

The Marlins declined to comment on the report, saying instead that they were “gathering all the facts,” according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Tampa Bay Rays starter Tyler Glasnow was quick to respond to the report, saying it was “ridiculous” for players not to follow league protocols in this manner.

The Marlins have been at the center of the growing MLB coronavirus outbreak in the first week of the season. As of Friday morning, 20 Marlins are said to have tested positive for COVID-19, and more than a week of their matches have been postponed.

Miami faced the Phillies in Philadelphia last Sunday after having already learned four positive tests on their team. Since then, a Phillies coach and club attendant have tested positive for COVID-19; none of their players have tested positive, but Citizens Bank Park has been closed for cleaning and the Phillies have not played since Sunday either.

There have been 29 positive tests in the MLB in the past week, the league and MLBPA announced Friday. Twenty-one of the 29 positive tests were from “a single club in the MLB,” although the league did not specify which team it was.

Commissioner Rob Manfred has reportedly threatened to end the season if teams don’t do a better job following health and safety protocols.


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