Renewal of calls to smaller classes; Alberta sees 3 deaths from COVID-19


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Using a makeshift classroom with 30 desks over 860 square feet to simulate what she calls a dangerously small space as a backdrop, NDP education critic Sarah Hoffman again called the province to provide $ 1 billion in additional funding to maximize the safety of students, staff and their families.

“For the government to say that it’s too hard for us to try is the epitome of laziness,” Hoffman said.

“School boards don’t have the tools at their disposal – it’s the government’s job.

The NDP says class sizes should be capped at 15 students, and if that means hiring more teachers, babysitters and support staff and using excess space throughout the community, it should be done.

At the same press conference, two Edmonton public school teachers, including Renee Englot, emphasized the province’s current plan and what most school boards are capable of delivering makes the distance “physically impossible.”

“The anxiety (of the students) will skyrocket and I expect a lot of them will not come back on day 2,” said the junior high school teacher, who expects a class size of 35 students.

Looking around the makeshift classroom, Englot said she was envious of her space.

“I wish my class was this big – mine is much smaller and can have up to 35 junior high school students,” she says.

High school teacher Heather Quinn accused the UCP government of hypocrisy by ignoring the need for smaller classes.

“The government knows it, this is the same reason it has limited the number of MPs in the House, this is the reason why many of them have allowed people to their constituency offices by appointment only. you, ”said Quinn, president of the Edmonton Public Teachers Local. 37.


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