Reluctance to Covid-19 vaccine is a growing concern for researchers and health officials


Scientists and drugmakers are starting efforts to overcome Americans’ safety and other concerns over Covid-19 vaccines, as U.S. health officials prepare a campaign to encourage widespread adoption.
As vaccine candidates move closer to U.S. clearance, health and industry officials want to ensure that as many people as possible get vaccinated to reach the level, known as herd immunity, which would protect even people who are not immune.
Still, significant percentages of Americans, including those at high risk of contracting the virus, are reluctant, skeptical, or opposed to taking a vaccine, according to surveys and researchers. Among the reasons: security concerns due to the rapid pace of development and government overbreadth.
Among the opposites are a small number of people who oppose all vaccines, which they believe are not safe despite research proving otherwise.
And some Americans, including many others who might otherwise support the vaccination, express concern that the Trump administration will give the green light to a vaccine ahead of the November election for political purposes, before the vaccine proves effective. .


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