Relatives claim Russian sisters accused of killing their father by lying


Content of the article

According to her family, three Russian teenage girls accused of murdering their sexually predatory father are lying.

The Khachaturyan sisters’ murder trial was scheduled to begin on Friday.

But according to the girls’ aunt, Naira Khachaturyan, Maria, Angelina and Krestina conspired to kill Mikhail Khachaturyan who was planning to move to Israel at the age of 18.

Speaking on Russian chat show Let Them Talk, Naira made his explosive allegations, reports the Daily Mail.

“They knew they could live as they wanted if they got rid of their father,” Naira told the program. “They wanted to take it out of their lives.”

His nephew Arsen added: “Sexual violence, other violence, there was none of that. The girls decided to kill their father, they conspired some time ago.

The accused murderers were 17, 18 and 19 when they allegedly killed their father with knives and hammers in his Moscow apartment in July 2018.


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