Reds, Pirates games postponed as Cincinnati player tests positive for COVID-19


The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates will not play Saturday or Sunday as originally planned after a Reds player tested positive for COVID-19, the league said. Major League Baseball’s decision to postpone competitions is presumably so that further testing can be done before allowing the Reds to resume play.

The incubation period for COVID-19 can range from two to 14 days, which means that individuals could have been infected without necessarily testing positive for the virus.

The Reds have been home all week, hosting the Kansas City Royals Tuesday through Thursday after a Monday off. The odds of a team-to-team transmission during a game seem low given the inherent space and lack of close contact between players. Neither the Miami Marlins nor the outbreaks of the St. Louis Cardinals have resulted in a positive test from the other teams they have played.

By the way, the Cardinals are expected to resume their season on Saturday. On that day, all 30 teams would have been in action for the first time since July 26 – the first Sunday of the season.

As’s Mark Sheldon noted, the end of Friday’s game featured an unusual scene involving center fielder Nick Senzel, who was sidelined by a coach before he could participate in the team celebration. It is not known if the events are linked. Manager David Bell appeared to allude to it during his post-match press conference, however, saying: “It’s just something personal and internal with Nick and our team that we will have more information on. to come up. ”

The Reds avoided what looked like a potential outbreak situation towards the start of the season, when Senzel and Mike Moustakas self-reported symptoms of COVID-19 after teammate Matt Davidson initially tested positive. (Davidson then tested negative on official tests.) Joey Votto has also since self-reported symptoms, although he returned to action after two negative tests taken at least 24 hours apart.


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