Rashida Jones and Bill Murray Play Eccentric Daddy-Daughter Duo in Sofia Coppola’s “On The Rocks”


Picture this: A dysfunctional (and still charming) father-daughter couple make their way through every nook and cranny of New York City on a booze-soaked mission to determine if the daughter’s husband is having an affair or no. Now imagine it with Rashida Jones and Bill Murray. Pretty perfect, right?

Sofia Coppola, the famous Lost in translation writer-director, apparently knew exactly what she was doing when she picked the film’s former star, Murray, to side with Jones for her latest project: On the rocks. The “dramatic comedy” follows writer and mother of two, Laura, who begins to feel at odds with her life in Manhattan, especially as her husband seems to become increasingly busy and unavailable.

The trailer shows Laura enlisting the help of her playboy dad, Felix, as the couple set out to determine if her husband is having an affair – a revelation that would confirm her father’s suspicions.

Coppola and Jones are longtime friends, as they reportedly met while the director was working on the script for Lost in translation. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Coppola revealed that the film was “conceived at a crossroads in his own life after the birth of his children.”

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Addressing themes of identity, love, marriage, family, and conflicting generational perspectives, the film seeks to take viewers on an adventure through some of New York’s most iconic hotspots, while also (we suspect) not to miss any heartfelt and heartbreaking moments. What begins as a (perhaps unhappy) hotbed in marital espionage, soon turns into an endearing father-daughter adventure that brings the characters of Jones and Murray closer together.

Coppola also told EW: “I wanted to do something a little lighter and more fun with a lot of heart and sincerity. Felix is ​​an old world gentleman used to talking about martinis. The way he looks at women and relationships, he gives advice from his point of view, which is different from that of Laura’s husband, and she tries to see it from his point of view.

This isn’t the first time the three have worked together, as they’ve already joined forces for the Netflix vacation special. A very Murray Christmas, who co-starred with Jones, in 2015. Coppola’s latest project, Seduces him, won her the award for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival – a historically rare achievement for a female director.

On the rocks is set to hit theaters and on Apple TV + in October, and will also star Jenny Slate, Jessica Henwick, and Barbara Bain.

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