RAF fighter jets intercept trio of Russian servicemen operating over Baltic Sea


This interception follows an earlier interception earlier this week when the Typhoons were once again in the air to monitor Russian SU-27 flankers as they transited international airspace controlled by Lithuania.Meanwhile, the United States and the United Kingdom last week accused Russia of firing a missile into space “with the characteristics of a weapon”, while the vice-marshal of the Air Harvey Smyth, British chief space officer, warned that Russia’s behavior threatened “the peaceful use of space.” “.

Tobias Ellwood, Chairman of the Special Defense Committee, said: “Russian military air and sea skirmishes around the UK are now regular occurrences, but this is a clear escalation and could just be confidence increased. of Putin after obtaining an extension of his presidency.
“Or something more sinister is about to unfold in response to the UK’s involvement in operations in Eastern Europe. And it elevates tensions closer to the UK. “


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