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Almost 40 years later, Michael Fagan claims he broke into the Palace of London because he thought the monarch could help him and insisted he never had the intention to alarm her.

Mr Fagan, then 33, was “obsessed” with the Queen who demanded to know what he was doing before stepping out of the room in a nightie for help in July 1982.The brief encounter was one of the worst breaches of royal security in the 20th century after Mr Fagan entered Buckingham Palace through an open window, despite high security.

Mr Fagan, who says he was depressed after his wife left, broke into the palace twice in a matter of weeks.

He claimed to have urinated in corgi food and drank red wine. He later blamed magic mushrooms.

Mr Fagan told The Sun he had to raise his four young children on his own and wanted to know if His Majesty could help him solve his problems.

The retired decorator climbed a 10-foot railing and got off a drainpipe and crawled through an open window.

He wandered the halls and slipped past the staff, wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, allegedly removed his socks and sandals.

Mr Fagan set off an alarm, but officers from the palace police control room disabled it twice, believing the system to be faulty.

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In previous interviews, Mr Fagan said the monarch told him to ‘get out, get out’.

He claims the Queen got out of bed told him, “Just a minute, I’m going to get someone.”

She ran out of the room barefoot in just a knee-length babydoll with a Liberty print.

Mr Fagan had smashed a glass ashtray before entering the room, which he claims he did so he could use the shard to cut through a pigeon’s net down the drain pipe.

The prowler sat on the bed for three minutes before a footman came in and said, “F *** me, you look like you can do with a drink.”

Mr Fagan was questioned by detectives from the special branch of a police station, but determined he posed no threat to the royal family.

He has not been charged with a crime and says palace officials did not want the Queen to testify in court.

The heist happened just two weeks after Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William.

Mr Fagan claims he walked into a room filled with newborn gifts and saw doors with nameplates saying “Diana’s room” and “Charles’s room”.

He said, “People who have done wonderful things kneel down in front of her to be honored, but I actually sat on her bed and almost spoke to her.

The incident is slated to be featured in a new The Crown series with Olivia Colman as the Queen and actor Tom Brooke as Fagan.


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