Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle do not disagree on her wedding tiara, by “Finding Freedom”


New details from Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s upcoming biography on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Find freedom, continue to surface – and the latest anecdote concerns a long-standing clash with Queen Elizabeth over Meghan’s choice of wedding tiara.

The Queen traditionally lends tiaras to royal brides on their big days – Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have all loaned sparklers in recent years – and she has done the same for the Duchess of Sussex, lending her Tiara headband of Queen Mary. However, several UK publications reported that there had been behind-the-scenes drama regarding Meghan’s helmet, and the Queen had in fact shot down the Duchess’s first choice of tiara.

Find freedom aims to clear up these stories, according to a new People article. (While People promises to publish an excerpt from the book soon, this report summarizes the claims of the book, rather than quoting them verbatim.) Scobie and Durand claim that there has been no drama at all between the Queen and Meghan – but that ‘there was indeed a conflict around the tiara.

Harry was apparently concerned that the Queen’s longtime hairstylist Angela Kelly was “dragging her feet to help Meghan gain access to her chosen tiara for a hair test before the big day” – although, in the end, the hair test has taken place. without delay.

A detailed view of Queen Mary’s diamond headband tiara.
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex previously discussed the Queen Mary’s headband tiara in the audio guide for an exhibit about their wedding being held at Windsor Castle. (After royal weddings, exhibitions are often held to allow royal watchers to take a close look at the bride’s dress and better understand the big day.)

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“As for the tiara of the day, I was fortunate enough to be able to choose this wonderful art deco style headband tiara,” Meghan said in the recording, according to Harper’s Bazaar in the UK. “Harry and I had been to Buckingham Palace to meet Her Majesty The Queen to select one of the options that were there, which was an incredibly surreal day as you can imagine.

Harry quietly revealed that trying on a tiara was ‘every girl’s dream’, and he wholeheartedly agreed with Meghan’s tiara of choice, Queen Mary’s headband tiara. “Oddly enough, that was the best fit,” Harry added. “The one that suited you the best without a doubt. I shouldn’t have really been there – but an incredible loan from my grandmother. ”

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