Quebec begins trying saliva tests for COVID-19


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“And that’s what you want from a test,” Mâsse said. “To find those who are most at risk of spreading the virus so that they can be quickly isolated.”

As for implementing the testing in schools, Mâsse agreed it would be a good idea in theory, but said it could present logistical issues. Schools are not equipped to test children at the moment, he noted, and there is already a lot of stress surrounding the return to school.

“But it could be organized,” he said. “You can, for example, carry out tests in groups or in classes several times a week. But there is some logistics here to be put in place and probably to be tried on a smaller scale first.

There would also be the issue of costs to consider, Mâsse said. While the saliva tests have proven to be relatively inexpensive, the overall cost would add up quickly if implemented in all schools across the province.


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