Putin uses Jacob Blake’s shot to call out hypocrites in the United States and the European Union


The example of Blake, an unarmed black man who was left paralyzed after being shot seven times in the back by a police officer, was used by Putin to suggest that the EU and the US are not really concerned by police violence in Belarus.

“Does anyone now blame Belarus and the Belarusian leadership – President Lukashenko – for anything, is he condemning these actions?” Why such selectivity? Putin asked.

“This suggests that the problem is not with what is happening in Belarus,” Putin added. “They want to influence these processes and make decisions that match, because these people [U.S. and EU leaders] think about their political interests.

The US and the EU have both called the Belarusian presidential election, which Alexander Lukashenko claims to have won, neither free nor fair. They also strongly condemned the Belarusian authorities for using violence against peaceful protesters.

In the same interview, Putin said: “In my opinion, we behaved much more restraint and neutrality in the face of events in Belarus than many other countries, European and American. “


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