PSG ranks a cut above by beating RB Leipzig to reach Champions League final


HHello! Welcome to the big game tonight between Manchester Ci… oh wait a minute. He says RB Leipzig and PSG above. Is it correct?Jokes jokes jokes. They play at Bayern Munich tomorrow.

Anyway, this liveblog is for RB Leipzig, a club founded in 2009, against Paris Saint-Germain, a club that has been successful with money since the mid-2000s. I remember the ‘time when Patrice Loko was the star player of PSG, when it was a springboard for stars with great potential to move into a real league elsewhere in Europe. Ronaldinho was there for a while before he became mega-famous.

That all changed when foreign money was pumped into the Parisian giants, turning them into a league-ruining team that will likely never win Ligue 1. It’s silly competition. But the same goes for the Bundesliga – Bayern Munich always win this division and so we have to ask ourselves… why do we even watch football if not for the joy of the game?

Julian Nagelsmann is a year younger than me, which should probably be a concern but I agree. It’s like he’s living my Football Manager dream and doing it a lot better than I ever could, possessing the kind of tactics and human management that only the elite tend to possess. You can’t always teach the best and in Nagelsmann, Leipzig has one of the best coaches in world football. Age is just a number, after all.

What makes this game a little more interesting is that Thomas Tuchel, who was in charge of firing Nagelsmann from football management after retiring at 20 from playing professionally, is the manager of the opposition. Two Germans take charge of tonight’s squads, which should hopefully lead to an entertaining attacking match from start to finish. Both like to counterpress, both have a strong focus on the tactical side of the game, and both have brilliant players to appeal to.

Kicks off at 8 p.m. and you can watch on BT Sport or read updates and analysis here in our live blog.


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