Protesters rally to oppose COVID-19 guidelines


“I refuse to be scared, no one is going to shut me up. I won’t be putting on a mask now, and I won’t be putting on a mask next week, ”said Tod. “People need to wake up, all we need is everyone to say no to wearing a mask. All we have to do is say no. “Most of the protesters CKOM 650 spoke to heard about the event on a FaceBook page focused on opposing mask demands and raising awareness of their beliefs.

“It’s just a bunch of people who want a choice. My body, my choice, ”said Brent Wintringham. “We are not conspiracy theorists, there is a lot of science behind our beliefs. I believe in freedom and in freedom. ”

Saskatoon city council plans to make its final decision on a mandatory mask policy for transit at a city council meeting on Monday.

“I intend to boycott any business that tells me to (wear a mask), and tell anyone who will listen to boycott that business,” Tod said when asked if she avoids places where there are policies. masks are in place.

Saskatoon was not the only city in the province to see people gathering this weekend.

One took place in front of the Legislative Assembly in Regina, drawing a small crowd.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa has seen hundreds of people rally with placards and flags denouncing the health guidelines against COVID-19.

In Berlin, more than 30,000 people protested against public safety restrictions in an event that was eventually dissolved by police.

“That’s a hype, it’s just another flu,” Wintringham said. “Mandatory masks have not been proven effective.”


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