Priti Patel says migrants think France is a racist country


Is this some kind of bizarre attempt to distract from the many serious issues discrimination and racism in the UK. What are Priti Patel and the government doing to fight racism and discrimination in the UK? BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups in the UK often feel abused. They do not trust the justice system. There are many professionals who feel discriminated against by their regulators. Even judges from minority groups lodge complaints of discrimination against the Ministry of Justice with the Labor Court.

Are the large numbers of minorities in the UK’s Conservative government just there to ‘dress’? Boris Johnson can boast of the large number of Asians at the highest levels of government. It might be easier to do nothing about racism and discrimination. Britain’s new Commission on Racial Inequalities is set up by eccentric Asian Munira Mirza, a former supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party and currently head of the 10th Political Unit who doesn’t seem to believe institutional racism exists. Perhaps instead of criticizing France, Priti Patel should look at what is happening in the UK and especially institutional racism in the Home office.

According to a report published by Sunday mail, Priti Patel would have declared that “the migrants think that France is racist”. The Minister of the Interior was quick to insist that this was the opinion of the migrants. Patel’s comments come amid a row with France over its perceived lack of effort to stop migrant crossings in the Channel.

Hundreds of migrants have arrived on British shores in recent weeks as the crisis continues to worsen. Immigration to UK Minister Chris Philp was in Paris recently to discuss how France could help ease the Channel crossings but left empty-handed and then made a huge blunder in a live TV interview.

Patel’s comments came during a conference call with other government ministers. A government source told the Sunday mail: “Ms. Patel made it very clear that comments on racism in France largely reflect the opinions of migrants.”

No response from the French government to Patel’s remarks

The French government has so far not responded to Patel’s comments, but they are likely to fuel an already volatile situation between the UK and France.

Responding to Patel’s comments, the Home Office said: “The Home Secretary is frustrated with the increasing number of boats crossing the Channel and is working to get the legislation ready once Britain leaves the European Union’s transition period at the end of this year. ”

Patel also reportedly said migrants feared being tortured in France, with one lawmaker saying: “Migrants say they feel discriminated against when they seek, for example, work in France. Others said they feared being tortured if they stayed in France or Germany. »

The Interior Minister said she did not think France would torture migrants, but because migrants believe it to be true, this is one of the reasons they continue to travel to United Kingdom.

However, another lawmaker on the conference call – who wished to remain anonymous – said she was under the impression Patel was calling France racist. The anonymous lawmaker said: “She [Patel] called them racist and she is right. They are more racist than us. “

Britain and France will work together to reduce illegal crossings

Reports suggest Britain and France “Worked to the rhythm” to make the Channel crossings totally unsustainable. However, after Philp’s visit to France, the talks apparently collapsed, with France apparently demanding more money to patrol their northern coasts.

Since 2015, the UK has contributed £ 100million to border patrols in France and has indicated its readiness to do more to stop the Channel crossings.

According to Philp, France and the United Kingdom agree that the Channel crossings are “totally unacceptable”. can help you with the Level 2 Visa Sponsor License and the Level 2 Visa

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