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Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Tenet will finally hit UK cinemas this week after being postponed twice due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Featured Robert pattinson, John David Washington and Elizabeth Debicki, and which some believed to be the sequel to the director’s 2010 hit Inception, NolanThe movie film was always going to be surrounded by a lot of hype.

It was originally scheduled for release on July 17, but its premiere was delayed due to theaters around the world shutting down.

Today, the entire film industry is holding its breath to see if the summer’s first big flagship film is enough to keep paying customers back in theaters.

Carol Welch, General Manager of Odeon Theaters, says presales are in good shape.

She told Sky News: “We have already sold thousands of tickets to our moviegoers who are desperate to come back. ”

And while Tenet may have been the biggest release in months, Welch says it’s not the only movie that will draw audiences to the auditorium.

“I think this is just the first big movie, we have a lot of other new content… In terms of blockbusters after Tenet, we have a really good selection towards the end of the year.

“When you step into a distraction-free movie experience you can escape everyday life, I think people will always want to do that and so I’m very optimistic going forward. “

Robert Pattinson plays the Washington winger. Photo: © 2020 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc

With a spring and summer plagued by a global pandemic, escape will be high on many people’s to-do lists.

Not only is Tenet the first new blockbuster to screen since the lockdown began, but it has also broken the international release mold that film distributors have been adhering to for years.

While the film will be available from August 26 here in the UK, audiences in two of the world’s largest film markets – the US and China – will have to wait a few more weeks to see the 200 million production. of dollars.

The phased release has raised fears of an increase in piracy, driven by a combination of fan impatience and viewers’ desire to stay at home.

Will big action scenes be enough to attract punters? Pic: Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Entertainment

Although cinemas have been allowed to open in England since July 4, some have remained closed, blaming the postponement of big releases, saying it is not worth opening them if they don’t have something to attract moviegoers. clients.

And with many studios now having a backlog of blockbusters awaiting release, Warner Bros, (the studio that distributes Tenet) has indeed become canaries in the mine – the first to risk releasing something despite restrictions on theaters due to the pandemic.

Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Entertainment
Elizabeth Debicki also stars in the impressive cast. Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Entertainment

Some distributors have taken a different approach: on-demand home viewing.

Disney’s Mulan, which was slated to be the next big release after Tenet, is now skipping a theatrical release and going straight to the streaming service of the Disney Plus company.

Film critic Larushka Ivan-Zadeh says besides being a high profile movie from a beloved director, there’s another reason Tenet is the right movie to keep people coming back to theaters. .

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She explains: “Christopher Nolan is shooting a 70mm film, an IMAX film.

“He’s making movies specifically to be seen on the big screen, and Tenet is supposed to have a version that will run on 70mm and IMAX, as well as the traditional 35mm format genre.

“So it symbolically resembles the movie that has to bring everyone back to theaters. ”

Tenet releases in the UK on August 26 and then airs in parts of the US on September 3 and in China on September 4.


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