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The Princess of Wales was famous for always making jokes with those around her, including her family, staff and the press. One particular joke with her bodyguard about how she should wear a bulletproof vest highlights her awareness of her own mortality. As the anniversary of his death approaches – August 31 – it is particularly moving to remember this moment.

Patrick Jephson, Diana’s former private secretary, recalled how Diana played the joke on a royal visit to New York.While there, the U.S. Secret Service acted as security for her.

Mr Jephson said last year: “One evening in New York, she was walking out of her suite at the Plaza Athenee and the head of her US secret service was waiting for her.

“He was very fond of the princess, I could tell.

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“That night she wore the most spectacular black off-the-shoulder evening dress.

“All you could really record were acres of beautiful tanned royal skin.

“She leaned forward and pushed the Secret Service agent.

“Under his tuxedo, you could see a shape under his shirt.”

However, this morbid joke was with Diana acknowledging the oft-unspoken fact that members of the Royal Family are in real danger most of the time.

However, it was not an attack on himself that ultimately ended his life, but a tragic car accident.

The incident, which took place in a Paris underground passage 23 years ago, has left his two sons William and Harry heartbroken.

This year will be the first time that the princes will spend this date on emotionally separated continents and worlds.

On birthdays in the past, the brothers went to commemorations together and even hosted the concert for Diana on the 10th anniversary of her death in 2007.

The benefit concert at Wembley Stadium on the occasion of what would have been her 46th birthday featured some of the world’s most famous artists and singers, and the proceeds went to Diana’s charities, as well as to charities of which William and Harry were the patrons.

This year, things couldn’t be more different, as the two ‘barely speak’ now, according to Omid Scobie, co-author of Harry and Meghan Markle’s new biography ‘Finding Freedom’.

Mr Scobie also claimed on True Royal TV’s The Royal Beat that William and Harry had stopped talking ‘completely’ for two whole months after Harry announced that he and Meghan would be stepping down as members of the Royal Family.

Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have revealed their intention to step down from their royal roles without first notifying the rest of the family and against the wishes expressed by the Queen.

The Duke of Cambridge would have been “hurt” that Harry acted in a way that was not in the best interests of their family.


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