Princess Diana has shown her preference for William, not Charles, to be the next king


As 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth nears the end of her reign, the debate over who should rule next remains a matter of contention.RELATED: Princess Diana’s Niece Amelia Spencer Engages With Her 11-Year-Old Boyfriend

While Prince Charles is next to the throne, some people argue that his son, Prince William, should be the one to take the helm of the British monarchy.

In 1995, Princess Diana shared her take on the matter, revealing who she believes should be the next king.

“Do you think it would make more sense in light of the marital difficulties you and the Prince of Wales had had if the post of monarch passed directly to your son, Prince William? journalist Martin Bashir asked in a BBC1 “Panorama” interview. People.

As William was only 13 at the time, the princess said she didn’t believe her son was ready to take on such an important role.

“Well, then you must see that William is very young at the moment, so do you want a burden like that put on his shoulders at such an age?” So I can’t answer this question, ”she revealed.

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Rephrasing the question, Bashir then asked: “Would you like that when Prince William comes of age he succeeds the Queen rather than the current Prince of Wales?”

What Diana said next came as a surprise to many.

“My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows other things, yes,” she replied.

The Princess of Wales tragically died after a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Prince Charles is unlikely to abdicate the throne so his eldest son can become king, according to royal experts.


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