Princess Beatrice’s engagement ring is worth more than Kate, Meghan, Eugenie and Pippa


Royal engagement rings, such as Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie inspire millions of copiers. Lorna Haddon, Head of Diamonds and Jewelry at Beaverbrooks, took a detailed look at recent royal rings, including their value.

She revealed Princess Beatrice had the most expensive ring, up to £ 300,000.

Royal engagement rings – valued

Princess Beatrice

“Beatrice’s fiancé Edoardo (now husband) wowed us in 2019 with this stunning platinum and diamond engagement ring, featuring its large central diamond framed by tapered baguette-cut diamonds.

“With similarities to the Queen Elizabeth ring, a solitaire diamond ring is a classic choice, providing a timeless finish with lots of dazzling sparkle.

“Beatrice’s ring is worth between £ 250,000 and £ 300,000. For a similar look, I would go for a platinum diamond solitaire engagement ring with stunning emerald diamonds on the shoulders. ”

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Princess Eugenie

“Brightly colored gemstones paired with diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for brides seeking an assertive engagement ring, and have been a key feature of royal proposals for many years.

“Eugenie’s engagement ring features a classic gold ring set with a stunning padparadscha sapphire. The rare gem is nestled within ten brilliant cut diamonds and two pear cut diamonds to highlight the center stone and create an eye-catching finish.

“The thin gold band accentuates the center piece and draws the eye directly to the beautiful and unusual sapphire.

“Eugenie’s historic ring is worth around £ 100,000, due to its rare padparadscha sapphire.”

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Meghan Markle

“She may have given up her royal duties, but her ring is definitely fit for royalty!” Meghan’s stunning engagement ring features a classic gold ring set with three dazzling diamonds. The larger center diamond is nestled between two small brilliant cut diamonds on the shoulders of the ring, which highlights the center piece and creates an eye-catching finish.

“Three stone diamond rings are a popular choice because the ring pairs well with a traditional wedding ring and an eternity wedding ring, and shows a brilliant cut diamond in its full extent. The three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple – a romantic and meaningful gesture from the prince.

“Harry followed in his brother’s footsteps and selected diamonds from his mother’s precious collection to create the truly intricate design – a tribute to Meghan’s unique individuality and style.

“Meghan’s ring is estimated to be worth between £ 120,000 and £ 150,000.”

Kate Middleton

“Rather than a traditional diamond at its center, Kate’s iconic engagement ring features a stunning 12k oval blue sapphire surrounded by fourteen small solitaire diamonds.

“Sapphire and diamonds are set in a thin 18k white gold band, which accentuates the centerpiece and draws the eye to the gemstones.

“A family heirloom, Kate’s ring once belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, and has incredible sentimental value to the prince.

“Kate’s historic ring is worth around £ 300,000. This 18k Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring (£ 3,600) is the perfect way to reflect Kate’s iconic style. “

Pippa Middleton

“Pippa’s ring is vintage inspired with a stunning asscher cut diamond in its center, a traditional choice that is beautifully complemented by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds.

“The platinum bracelet is the perfect setting to show off breathtaking diamonds at their best.

“Pippa’s ring is estimated to be worth between £ 200,000 and £ 250,000.”


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