Princess Beatrice news: Royal to be quarantined after her honeymoon in France | Royal | News


During the Royally Obsessed podcast, royal pundits Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito discussed Princess Beatrice’s honeymoon destination, which is said to be France. The UK has imposed quarantine restrictions on France that will go into effect on Saturday.

Mrs. Fiorito asked, “How do you think Bea spent her birthday?” “Ms Bowie replied: “I wonder if they are still on a little honeymoon in France.

“They were there last week or the week before, but we heard from sources that they would be heading to a larger, more luxurious full-scale honeymoon later this month.

“I wonder if they’re still there, it looks like it’s at the end of August.

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“So it’s really exciting, and I hope there is some news of this bigger honeymoon. “

If the couple are still in France, they will need to self-quarantine for two weeks immediately after returning to Britain. has contacted the Royal Family for comment.

The decision to add France to the quarantine list has sparked a wave of Britons who are scrambling to return home before the restrictions are imposed.

Boris Johnson insisted the government could not allow the British population to be “re-infected or the disease to return”.

Mr Johnson added: ‘This is why the quarantine measures are very important and we have to enforce them very strictly. ”

Spain is already on the quarantine list after being added with a few hours’ notice in July following an increase in coronavirus cases.

Travelers to the UK from the Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, Turks and Caicos Islands and Aruba will also need to quarantine for 14 days from 4 a.m. on Saturday.


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