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The ‘revelation’ came after the prince got upset when the Queen’s dresser and confidante Angela Kelly was unable to respond to Meghan’s sudden request to visit Buckingham Palace. The sudden trip came as Meghan was looking to travel to the palace with her hairdresser to try on a tiara the couple had chosen for their wedding. However, it has been pointed out that protocol dictates that an appointment must be made to access the Queen’s jewelry.

Hearing this news, Harry allegedly used offensive language about Ms Kelly as he pressured courtiers to persuade her to come to London.In doing so, the Duke wanted the staff to unlock the cupboard where the tiara was kept.

The Queen learned of the explosion through Ms Kelly and called her grandson to a private meeting.

A royal source said: “He has been put firmly in his place. “

And that: “He had been downright rude. ”

There have been accusations Ms Kelly was deliberately dragging her feet “when Meghan requested access to the tiara ahead of the couple’s wedding in May 2018.

These accusations were revealed in a new biography on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which denies any involvement in the making of the book.

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The authors claim that Harry felt that some palace staff disliked Meghan and would stop at nothing to make life difficult for her.

However, a royal source told the Daily Mail that the book’s version of events may not match everyone’s versions.

They said: “The book’s version of what happened would not be remembering the events of everyone and certainly not of those who were close to them. ”

The “tiara line” is said to have symbolized the Sussexes’ frustration with the so-called “vipers” at the palace.

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The fact that Ms Kelly refused to organize and grant Meghan and her hairstylist access to the helmet when they wanted was something Harry considered a huge snub, the book claims.

A friend said: “Meg had flown her hairdresser from Paris for a hair practice and they needed the tiara.”

“Angela Kelly said she couldn’t come to London and Harry got ballistic. “
“He was furious with the treatment of his then fiancée.

“Such a snub. But others insist the couple misinterpreted Ms Kelly’s response.

A source said: ‘Meghan has requested access to the tiara. She didn’t make an appointment with Angela, but said, “We’re at Buckingham Palace, we want the tiara. Can we have it now please?

“Angela basically said, ‘I’m so sorry, that’s not how it works. ”

“There is a protocol in place on these jewels. They are kept very tightly locked.

“You can’t show up and ask for the tiara just because your barber is in town.”

Although reports suggested otherwise, Harry’s fury appeared to be due to Meghan’s lack of access to the tiara.

A royal source said: ‘Harry very quickly communicated his anger and frustration to everyone. “


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