Prince Harry and Meghan Markle biographer responds to couple’s ‘unusual’ comment, adding ‘it’s a love story’


The author of a Meghan Markle biography criticized the comment surrounding the book’s release as “out of the ordinary”, by adding “it’s a beautiful love story”.

Omid Scobie, author of Finding Freedom due out next week, spoke publicly on the On Heir podcast for the first time after the explosive snippets were posted.

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Meghan Markle’s arrival in the royal family was documented by Scobie in Finding FreedomCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
Omid Scobie criticizedCredit: Harper Collins

He said he wanted to “humanize” the Duchess and said he and his co-author Carolyn Durand spoke to “100 sources” in two years to write the book.

He spoke as explosive excerpts from the book were released, but some people warned the book was a “bloodbath.”

So far, the book has been inundated with allegations, including that:

Meghan and Harry's love story was 'against all odds', Scobie said6
Meghan and Harry’s love story was ‘against all odds,’ Scobie said

Now Scobie, speaking for the first time since snippets were published, said: “It’s unofficial and unauthorized. He added that there was “a certain distance from the couple.”

Basically, Scobie said, the book was a “beautiful love story” – adding that he thought it was a mistake for the Royals to lose the couple as working Royals.

But he distanced himself from the couple and insisted it was “unauthorized and unofficial” – adding many comments on it, it was “out of the ordinary” and “unbalanced”.

Calling his post “the elephant in the room,” he said: “It’s been a few years in the making.

Scobie says the book went on for years6
Scobie says the book went on for years

“We’re really used to seeing royal sources and palace sources in stories about the Duke and Duchess,” he said. “It was very clear to many that those in their lives were increasingly frustrated with the couple’s treatment.

“We feel it [Finding Freedom] really accurately describes what happened.

“It takes you from the first days they met. ”

But he was adamant he had historically spent a lot of time with Prince Harry and Meghan, as part of the press kit – of which many media outlets, not just Scobie, are members.

“I spent time with Prince Harry even before he and Meghan got married,” he added.

” I hope so [the book] humanizes the Duchess of Sussex, ”he added.

« [It’s] a beautiful love story [and] against all odds allows them to flourish in a space where they previously did not thrive.

Biographers quote Meghan as saying: “I gave up my whole life for this family. I was ready to do whatever it took. But here we are. It’s very sad. ”

And the authors say the couple became frustrated when the Queen and Charles refused to comply with their requests for change.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are seen in their last royal engagement6
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are seen in their last royal engagementCredit: Getty – Pool
The book details the reasons why Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family
The book details the reasons why Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family

The book says Harry and Meghan even considered driving directly to see the Queen after returning from Canada in January because they had failed to secure a date with the monarch.

It was also claimed the couple remained ‘in bad taste’, believing that William and Kate ignored Meghan at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in March – the Sussexes’ last duty as a member of the Royal Family.

The authors add about Meghan and Kate: “The Duchesses struggled to overcome the distant politeness of their first meeting.

“Their cordial but distant relationship was apparent when they introduced themselves.”

The Sun exclusively revealed its Megxit plans to spend more time in Canada in January.

This led to the Sandringham summit with the Queen formalizing the Sussexes’ resignation.

The couple now live in a rented mansion in Los Angeles with their son Archie.

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