Prince Andrew “spent two days alone at Epstein’s ranch with the magnate’s sex slave”


Prince Andrew and a girl who claims to be a sex slave to Jeffrey Epstein spent two days alone at the tycoon’s huge ranch, court documents show.A manuscript written by Virginia Giuffre says the Duke had “a very good time” and gave him “a lot of massages.”

Ms Giuffre – who was 17 or 18 at the time – says she was later awarded “almost a thousand dollars” by convicted pedophile Epstein.

The sensational claims emerged in a slice of recently released court documents that Epstein’s former lover, Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, tried to block.

Describing her time with Andrew at Epstein’s 7,559-acre Zorro Ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico, Ms. Giuffre writes, “My job was to entertain him endlessly, that meant having to give him my body during a massage. erotic or just take her on horseback. horse riding.

Prince Andrew was friends with Jeffrey Epstein

“The mansion was completely empty except for two chambermaids who also made our dinners for us and a few bodyguards we barely saw.

She claims that Maxwell – a longtime pal of Andrew, 60 – arranged for her to go to the ranch, around 2001, but didn’t tell her who would be there.

“Ghislaine only told me that I had to meet someone there, not sure who it was. It wasn’t for me to ask, ”says Ms. Giuffre.

When she arrived at the ranch, she saw Andrew who, she says, greeted her with the “same old cheese.
smile, ”she had seen when they met in London and New York.

Unlike the prince’s other visits to Epstein’s houses, the American financier and Maxwell were not present.

Ms Giuffre says that after two days with Andrew, she was called back to New York to debrief Epstein and Maxwell.

Virginia Roberts pictured with Prince Andrew in 2001

She says that during a conversation in the tycoon’s kitchen, Maxwell asked, “So… how was the ranch with the Prince?”

Ms Giuffre, now 36 and a mother of three living in Australia, replied: ‘I think he had a really good time, he seemed relaxed and when we said goodbye he told me. gave a kiss.

“I took him on horseback, just around the property, we went swimming in the pool and of course I gave him a lot of massages. He had a massage at least twice a day, seeming to really enjoy his time there.

Describing the reaction of Epstein and his lover Maxwell, she adds: “Like proud parents, they looked at me with such content. “Good, you did really well,” Jeffrey complimented me.

She says Epstein gave her “almost a thousand dollars … more than I thought anyone at my young age could earn for a few days of work.”

Zorro Ranch, one of the properties of financier Epstein

During the prince’s interview with BBC Newsnight last November, he made an effort to suggest that he was never alone at Epstein’s properties in New York City, Florida and the Caribbean.

But he was not asked to visit Zorro.

A former ranch worker told the Sunday Mirror he had seen Andrew on several occasions, but never “without Jeffrey or Ghislaine”.

The new demands put increased pressure on the Metropolitan Police to publish the journals kept by royal protection officers.

A former royal bodyguard, Paul Page, said the notes would include the times and dates of the prince’s travels. The logs are kept for 30 years.

Forty-seven court documents were unsealed Thursday by New York Judge Loretta Preska.

They relate to a 2015 civil case between Maxwell and Ms Giuffre. A second wave of documents could be released – subject to an appeal expected next month.

Virginia Roberts when she was 19 and staying at Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico

It was in a 2015 affidavit that Ms Giuffre – referred to as Jane Doe 3 – claimed that she had sex with Andrew at Maxwell’s house in Belgravia, Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan, and during an orgy on the tycoon’s Caribbean island.

His claims were struck out of the civil case by Florida judge Kenneth Marra.

He ruled: “The factual details regarding who and where the Jane engages in sexual activity are irrelevant and impertinent to this central claim (i.e. that they were known victims of Mr. Epstein and that the government owed them CVRA obligations), especially since these details relate to non-parties unrelated to the respondent government. These unnecessary details will be struck.

In other allegations reported yesterday, Ms Giuffre alleges that Andrew had “an orgy with many other underage girls” at Epstein’s home in the Caribbean – and Maxwell had “continuous” sex with girls and boys. women.

Maxwell was arrested last month in New Hampshire on suspicion of treating and abusing three girls under the age of 18.

Virginia Giuffre speaking to Panorama last year

She is also charged with perjury and faces up to 35 years if found guilty.

She has pleaded not guilty and is due to be tried in New York in July 2021.

Andrew and his legal team have vehemently denied Ms Giuffre’s claims.

A photo shows them together but the prince said in his Newsnight appearance that he can’t remember ever meeting her.

Epstein, 66, committed suicide in prison last year while awaiting sex trafficking charges.

Andrew was pictured walking with the mogul in New York’s Central Park in 2010, just months after the pedophile was released from prison for procuring a minor for the purpose of prostitution.

Panorama’s The Prince and the Epstein Scandal

Andrew told Newsnight: “I went there for the sole purpose of telling him that because he had been convicted it was inappropriate for us to be seen together. ”

The Duke’s spokesperson declined to comment.

But the new claim was shocked by her friends.

One of them said: “The Zorro account is a serious inconsistency. Ms. Giuffre’s lawyers have always reported three alleged encounters. And now this fourth allegation. How? ‘Or’ What? Why has this never been raised before?

“And where is the evidence? I suggest you ask these questions of his lawyers, not the Duke.


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