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From next week, Britons will be able to afford a discounted meal at a McDonald’s or Michelin-starred restaurant, as some of the biggest names in food participate in the government’s discount dining program.Just over 53,000 venues, ranging from big street chains like McDonald’s and Nando’s to hangouts like The Ivy in West London, have signed up for the Eat to Help program, which aims to devastate the world. country. the hotel industry, where 1.8 million jobs are at stake, is back on its feet.

Perhaps a sign of the times, over 40 Michelin-starred restaurants, including Tom Kerridge’s Hand & Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Kitchin in Edinburgh and Angel at Hetton in Skipton, are participating in the discount scheme. Many high-end establishments have created cheaper dishes suitable for the discount to generate additional business.

The program offers diners a 50% reduction on meals taken at the establishment on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in August, with the reduction capped at £ 10 per person. The companies are then reimbursed by the Treasury and the giveaway is expected to cost the taxpayer £ 500million.

Restaurant owners hope the program will stimulate a struggling industry. Hawksmoor, the upscale steak restaurant chain, said it received 5,500 reservations in six hours after advertising ‘Britain’s best steak and chips’ for a ten (this cut the cost of a serving from 300 g rump steak and fries £ 30) to £ 20 before applying the discount).

“We have sold virtually all of the blankets available Monday through Wednesday in August, at our restaurants in London, Manchester and Edinburgh,” said Will Beckett, one of the co-owners. “Restaurants traditionally make all their profits from Thursday to Sunday, but it’s difficult with social distancing. Almost all restaurants have some sort of excess capacity Monday through Wednesday. ”

“I’m aware we’re an upscale steak restaurant, but I think it’s a win-win for everyone. For the industry, it’s just a free kick. It will be great to have very busy restaurants and that means more work for the staff.


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