Pre-game ruling, sloppy defense cost Gabe Kapler, Giants in a 7-6 loss


It almost looked like a mistake when the Giants’ roster map was released.

Steven Duggar, the best defensive fielder on the list, was registered in left field. Alex Dickerson was the right defenseman for the second time in his Big League career.

It seemed like a confusion, but Gabe Kapler explained ahead of Monday’s game why it made sense. Left fielder at Coors Field has a lot more real estate than right, and the spread is a lot harder to play on this side of the field. Kapler said staff went through the Rockies’ hitter’s spray charts and decided it made more sense to place Duggar, who had already completed two previous professional innings on the left, on Monday.

“It’s a little unpredictable,” Kapler said in the afternoon. “Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re not. ”

Hours later, the decision ended up being costly. Dickerson, who had previously only played on the right when Brandon Belt was left defenseman, had two misfires in the sixth inning of five points in a 7-6 loss to the Rockies.

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With the Giants out of a run, Ryan McMahon hit a right indent shot that Dickerson put a glove on as his feet hit the warning track. But he blew the ball up and dropped it as McMahon placed third. The Rockies took the lead later in the inning on a right hand single that turned into a two-runner game as Dickerson’s return inside the field passed the cutout. Pitcher Wandy Peralta and catcher Chadwick Tromp ended up converging on the ball near the dugout as the trail runner easily took a cleared plate.

Kapler said that a night like this leads to doubts, but added that “sometimes you set them up and you set them up the right way and it doesn’t work.” ”

“Looking back, you wonder this is the right choice. Honestly, I bet Dick does this (catch) 19 times out of 20, ”Kapler said. “Throwing it, I bet it does almost every time. There is no question. ”

The Giants were confident in their process, but at this point it might be difficult to be overconfident in how those decisions play out on the pitch. The defense has been a mess through 11 games, a bit of a surprise given the intensity on both sides. They lead the NL with 13 errors. Evan Longoria threw a Grounder in the first run which led to the first run for Johnny Cueto, who was then charged with two more on a Nolan Arenado home run.

This explosion, Arenado’s first of the year, triggered the five-point explosion. The Rockies continued to tack thanks to the defensive mistakes and possibly the pre-game decision.

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Dickerson said the change could have taken into account “a bit” of the angles he had taken and said something caught his eye about the throw, possibly because it was in an unfamiliar location. But Dickerson said there was no excuse, and that these were plays that should have been done regardless of his inexperience in law.

“At the end of the day, you’re still an athlete,” he said. “You have to be able to catch a ball like that. I just had one of those rounds where there were two big moats that really cost us. “


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