Postal service chief denies slowing campaign mail to help Trump


Voting rights advocates have sounded the alarm over the changes, formalized in a July directive, and saw signs that a major Trump donor was fulfilling the president’s long-standing wish to reinvent the postal service.

DeJoy rebuffed the claims at a public meeting of the Postal Service’s Board of Governors on Friday morning.

“While I certainly have a good relationship with the President of the United States, the idea that I would someday make decisions about the Postal Service under the direction of the President or anyone else in the administration is totally out of the question. About, ”DeJoy said.

The Postmaster General also dismissed claims he was deliberately slowing mail ahead of the November election, where postal ballots are expected to play an inordinate role due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let me be clear that when it comes to election mail, the Postal Service and I are fully committed to our role in the electoral process,” DeJoy said. “Despite all claims to the contrary, we are not slowing down election mail or any other mail.”

DeJoy has also targeted Congress, urging lawmakers to focus instead on allowing the Postal Service to integrate its retirement benefits program into Medicare.

“Rather than sensationalizing isolated operational incidents which I recognize can and always have happened in a company of our size and scope, or attempt to impose unfunded mandates unrelated to postal policies, I ask members of Congress to take action on this one law. heavy problem that will actually make a difference, ”DeJoy said.


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