Post Malone rejects government mask mandate, criticizes COVID-19 lockdown


Rapper Post Malone has said he opposes strict lockdown measures and doesn’t think the government should force people to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19, though he urges the audience to cover their face anyway.

“It’s weird to me that there are, it’s like me at school, having to f ***** g tuck your shirt in, or you’re held back or whatever,” said the six-time Grammy nominee to Joe Rogan on his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience Wednesday.

“It’s weird to have to wear something.

The artist whose legal name is Austin Richard Post added, “At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect for others.


Post Malone told podcaster Joe Rogan on Wednesday that he disagreed with California cities fining residents for not wearing face coverings in public

The undated image above is a photo of a woman wearing a mask.  California cities have started fining hundreds of dollars for not wearing face coverings in public

The undated image above is a photo of a woman wearing a mask. California cities have started fining hundreds of dollars for not wearing face coverings in public

“It is not a matter of government.

Malone said he disagreed with a new policy adopted by several cities in and around Los Angeles, which imposed fines of several hundred dollars on those arrested not wearing masks in public.

“You can get a fine for not wearing a mask and sometimes up to $ 600,” Malone said.

He then agreed with Rogan on the need to lift the lockdown in order to allow economic life to flourish again.

“Everyone has to live their life,” said Malone.

“Everyone should be able to survive, pay their bills and eat.”

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in California, some cities have stepped up efforts to force citizens to wear masks.

In April, Beverly Hills became the first city to impose masks, threatening those who did not comply with fines ranging from $ 100 for the first offense to $ 500 for the third and subsequent offenses.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies earlier this month said they would start issuing citations for West Hollywood residents who did not wear masks in public.

Primary offenders will be fined $ 250 and $ 50 in costs for a total of $ 300, according to LASD.

Last month, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order requiring everyone to wear a face mask.

Malone was not in favor of the new policy.

“LA is tough… $ 300 because maybe someone sees you eating and you don’t have a mask on, and then you’re stuck with a ***** g bill,” he says.

‘It’s impressive.’

California health officials reported the first death of a child from coronavirus in the state on Friday, as the statewide death toll exceeded 9,000, saying the victim was a teenager who had other health problems.

The teenager’s death occurred in the Central Valley, but officials from the State Department of Public Health have not released any further details, citing privacy rules.

The Central Valley is the state’s primary agricultural region and has recently become one of California’s hotspots for the virus.

It is extremely rare for children to die from the coronavirus. As of mid-July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 228 children had died from the disease in the United States, less than 0.2% of deaths in the country at the time.

In California, more than 9,000 people have died from the virus today, and three-quarters were 65 and older.

According to state data, only about 9% of the nearly half a million confirmed cases of the virus in California are children, and very few of them have suffered from conditions severe enough to be hospitalized.

Scientists still don’t know why children don’t seem to be as badly affected by the virus as adults.


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